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Choosing to live a sober life without addiction is the most significant decision you will ever make. You are to be commended for taking the first step and you can feel confident that Indiana Center For Recovery has the resources to guide you through your recovery and help you attain lasting freedom from addiction. Our outcomes show the difference we make in patients’ lives. By providing accessible care; delivering evidence-based treatment; and emphasizing ongoing support, we consistently achieve positive, measurable results. Committed to every patient’s physical, psychological and spiritual rehabilitation, Indiana Center For Recovery is the #1 premier treatment center in Indiana for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment. When you are ready, you will leave ICFR with the knowledge and tools of recovery that you will need to continue your addiction free, quality, sober life. Your counselor and other ICFR staff will provide you with a referral to a local therapist, and a solid continuing care and support plan to help you with your initial transition and also to help you to continue to build a sober support network in your area.

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At the Indiana Center For Recovery, we believe that choosing to begin your journey to ensure a meaningful, purpose driven life of continued sobriety is the most important decision of your life. Congratulations on taking this life changing first step. Our master level clinicians are committed to providing you with accessible treatment that is taylor made to meet your individual needs. We provide evidence-based treatment with an emphasis on support to achieve physical, psychological and spiritual rehabilitation. The Indiana Center For Recovery is the #1 premier treatment center for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment in the state of Indiana. We are an all inclusive facility that offers comprehensive care on all levels of detox through OP on one campus. Here are just a few examples of the quality care that you can expect from this family owned and operated treatment center:

-Continued educational opportunities with our GED program.
-Adult certifications such as HVAC and Microsoft Office.
-Our Alumni program with state of the art ICFR application.
-Buddhist Monk weekly spiritual meditation.
-EMDR therapy
-Yoga for mind and body wellness
-Additional specialized care for the LQBT community.
-Refferals to local therapists and a plan of action for continuing care and support in building a sober network.
-Tools to assist you in the continued maintenance of sobriety.
-A history of excellence in the difference we make in each patients’ lives.

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Begin your recovery journey in the diverse, friendly, tranquil setting of Bloomington Indiana and home to The Indiana
Center For Recovery campus. Bloomington Indiana is the proud home to the main campus of Indiana University. It is a melting
pot of cultural experiences with access to music, the arts and a wide variety of different cuisines and entertainment. It
is a welcoming community with scenic landscapes, beautiful landmarks and a rich history of small town charm and

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The Indiana Center for Recovery Alumni App is available for Apple iPhone iOS and Google Android. While our patients stay with us for a short time, our support for their recovery is life long. With community features, ongoing support, and recovery related information, the Indiana Center for Recovery Alumni App is the next step on your journey.

Get the link on your phone, Text “ICR” to 555888 or download from the App Store.

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