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Indiana Treatment Center

Indiana Treatment Center

Providing addiction treatment through detox, inpatient, and outpatient—Indiana Center for Recovery offers compassion and respect to those struggling with addiction. An experienced staff, campus community, and proven treatments help ensure our addiction treatment services create a healthier, more fulfilling life for our patients.

Indiana center for recovery detox center


Despite the specific addiction—whether alcohol, cocaine, or another—a medical detox can be an essential first step in the recovery journey. Indiana Center for Recovery ensures a safe, medically supported drug detoxification experience that provides a launch point for full, effective recovery through continued care.

Using innovative, medication-supported detoxification procedures, our detox treatment is part of a complete plan to meet the unique needs of the individual patient. Our award-winning, supervising psychiatrist presides over the program which dispenses science-backed therapies and medication supports.

Countless substance use disorders and addictions require this form of medical intervention to ensure that withdrawal from drugs or alcohol does not result in their own life-threatening health complications. For patients with crack or Suboxone to benzo addiction, we provide a safe, supported, and highly successful detox program.

Indiana center for recovery inpatient residential center


After detox and stabilization of the person in recovery, residential treatment introduces critical services in supporting healing and health. While detoxification clears the substance from the patient’s body and helps them persist through withdrawal, inpatient rehab treatment starts to address the underlying causes of the addiction itself.

Bringing causes, triggers, and other issues to the surface through identification and therapy prepares the patient to see where the work of recovery starts. As they recover, rest, and reflect on why addiction took hold of their life, the person suffering from addiction is protected by around-the-clock supervision and support.

Inpatient drug rehab stays reduce the interference that comes from the outside world, provide a safe, drug-free environment, and offer the opportunity to relearn life skills that will serve the person throughout their new, sober life. Stays in our Indiana residential treatment center last from one week to 60 days or more.

Indiana center for recovery outpatient center


An outpatient for drug rehab involves partial hospitalization (PHP) and some of the same services available for inpatient rehab participants. After detox and an inpatient stay, the person suffering from addiction can enter partial hospitalization drug treatment for psychiatric conditions, monitoring, and continued help.

This psychiatric, behavioral, and professional support helps patients who have dual diagnoses, mental health concerns, and the need for structure in their new life. Since this treatment mode from Indiana Center for Recovery doesn’t involve 24-hour supervision, it’s effective for those with growing stability and independence.

Through successful partial hospitalization and outpatient rehab, patients can transition and adjust to living in their own homes or sober living communities. In addition, they resume their work and school responsibilities around the commitment of regular visits to the outpatient program for routine treatments

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Drug Treatment Designed Differently

Indiana Center for Recovery boasts the only full continuum of care facility in Indiana for drug addiction treatment and drug rehab. With a board-certified psychiatrist and licensed mental health counselors on staff, we were nominated for the highest honor in the state for Best Mental Health Facility in Indiana. 

Beyond our award-winning medical and mental health professionals, Indiana Center for Recovery believes in supervised detox and 24/7 support through continuous, on-site nursing for inpatient clients. With single rooms available for those seeking safe, comfortable recovery, patients also enjoy advanced therapies like EMDR.

Despite challenges, despite triggers, despite dependency—our patients start to enjoy life by detoxifying the body from drugs and alcohol before diving into the patterns, beliefs, and traumas that fuel their addictions. After initial healing begins, patients are supported by our full-cycle, evidence-based system through outpatient programs.

Reclaim Life at Indiana Center for Recovery

When you rediscover yourself, understand your addiction, and recover your life, it becomes clear how complex addiction and dependency can be. It intertwines with the personal, professional, mental, spiritual, and every general aspect of our lives. But, when your recovery starts at an effective drug rehab center, you feel whole again.

Indiana Center for Recovery is an addiction treatment center with services designed to treat drug abuse and alcoholism through every scientifically supported means available. It’s not too late to create a life worth living. Find out who you are without being controlled by addiction, and contact Indiana Center for Recovery. 

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