Each client arrives at Indiana Center For Recovery by a different path, complete with its own challenges. We believe each patient’s journey toward recovery must follow a course that is equally unique. This is why we specialize in providing our clients with genuinely individualized treatment experiences. Holistic in scope, yet intimate, each treatment plan is designed for ongoing, life-long success and long-term sobriety.


Out of respect for our patients and their achievements, the intense work of healing at ICFR occurs within well-appointed surroundings. All time spent here is clearly focused on the goal of recovery from substance abuse. Each client’s treatment plan is highly individualized by design, with every accommodation carefully assessed by the multi-disciplinary team to ensure that it is implemented in a clinically beneficial manner.


Our approach to addiction treatment uses a life-coach strategy, where clients at our addiction treatment center are encouraged to discover who they are—and who they wish to become. These areas of self- discovery and improvement fall into one of five key categories or “domains” of treatment: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Within each domain, ICFR patients receive ongoing assessment and guidance from a wide range of specialists, including physicians, clinical psychologists, masters-level therapists, licensed addiction counselors and more.

Physically Fit

ICFR patients work toward becoming physical fit, starting with basic health habits: sleep, nutrition and exercise. Addressing each client’s specific needs, we assess and improve sleep hygiene, offer customized nutritional plans and our certified personal trainer creates and executes individualized training plans.

Mentally Sound

By developing the mind, ICFR clients ultimately become mentally sound, allowing them to better manage emotions both alone and with others. Finding healthy interests in their personal and professional lives—or even developing simple hobbies—encourages our clients to become life-long learners.

Emotionally Mature

Becoming emotionally mature is essential to recovery. Those participating in ICFR treatment learn to identify, own and express emotions. As patients grow more skilled at developing a nuanced awareness of the inner cues to their own emotions, they can embrace a wider range of methods for expressing them constructively.

Socially Responsible

In the context of treatment, becoming socially responsible means developing a sense of connectedness with others while still retaining a clear sense of one’s healthy self. We teach our recovery clients to build a dynamic sense of connectedness in a wide range of situations: with friends, family, community and beyond.

Spiritually Resilient

Whether based on faith or philosophy, one’s sense of spirituality shapes the decisions made in all other domains. To become spiritually resilient, ICFR patients must look inward to uncover their own deeply-held core values. We respect and encourage each and every client’s sense of spirituality.






Recovery With Lasting Results 

At Indiana Center For Recovery, the true luxury of our program is in the care, not the clinical facility or recovery housing itself. That said, we do take pride in the physical comforts we provide our residents.

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