Lynn Smythe

5 Questions to Ask Before Entering Detox

A short-term stay in a residential detox program can help clear your mind and body of cocaine, meth, benzos, heroin, alcohol and other substances. Once stabilized, you are prepared to …

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Lynn Smythe

The Hidden Epidemic Among Our Frontline Heroes

Cases of overdose and other drug-related problems are increasing among our frontline heroes during the pandemic. Avoiding the coronavirus, and the potential risk of getting sick, by working from home …

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Vicki Quintero

Heather’s Atonement: Being the Sober Daughter Her Family Needs

Indiana Center For Recovery wants to share stories of our alumni who are still sober, living life to the fullest during this year’s National Recovery Month. We got a chance …

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Indiana Center

Indiana Center for Recovery Launches new Alumni App

We here at Indiana Center for Recovery are thrilled to announce that we have a new tool for our alumni to help continue their recovery. With the Indiana Center for …

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