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Articles in Category - Addiction

Articles in Category - Addiction

5 Question to Ask Before Entering Detox 5 Question to Ask Before Entering Detox

A short-term stay in a residential detox program can help clear your mind and body of cocaine, meth, benzos, heroin, alcohol and other substances. Once stabilized, you are prepared to enter a lower level of care such as PHP, IOP, OP, or dual-diagnosis treatment.

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Heather's Atonement: Being the Sober Daughter Her Family Needs Heather's Atonement: Being the Sober Daughter Her Family Needs

Indiana Center For Recovery wants to share stories of our alumni who are still sober, living life to the fullest during this year’s National Recovery Month. We got a chance to interview Heather about her experiences in active addiction and recovery for National Daughter’s Day, September 25, 2020. At the age of 14, Heather’s parents […]

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How How "Nashville" Tackled Addiction

The hit television show “Nashville” has served as a positive example for thousands of individuals who struggle with addiction. The edifying scenarios expressed in this show have proven to be highly accessible to people who seek external reinforcement of their commitment to sobriety. However, far from being perfect paragons of abstinence, the characters in “Nashville” […]

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How Addiction Affects Families How Addiction Affects Families

It’s easy to imagine the negative impact that addiction can have on a family, but it can be difficult to picture the wide range of issues that accompany even one member dealing with drug or alcohol problems. The introduction of new stresses can affect everyone. Substance abuse problems often have a cascading set of results […]

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Glutamate: The Addiction Neurotransmitter? Glutamate: The Addiction Neurotransmitter?

Glutamate is very important. It’s a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical that nerve cells use to send signals to other cells. It’s how different parts of our nervous system talk to one another. Perhaps the most well-known of all neurotransmitters is dopamine. Most people have heard of it, and a lot of people know that […]

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The Indiana Opioid Epidemic The Indiana Opioid Epidemic

Coroner offices are running out of room for the overdosed bodies coming in. An incredibly high percentage of Indiana citizens, (let’s call them Hoosiers), abuses prescription opioids. Court systems statewide are in the process of improving response to the epidemic. Indiana has since 2011 had a higher percentage of drug abusers than the national average. […]

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