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Percocet and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination

In the United States, it is common to mix prescribed drugs with alcohol which may result in dangerous combinations and sometimes contribute to life-threatening conditions. Percocet is a prescription opioid painkiller containing acetaminophen and oxycodone. Percocet is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. When taken in combination with alcohol, it intensifies the depressant effects on … Read more

Link Between Alcohol and Depression Explained

Depression and alcohol use disorder (AUD) may coexist. In addition, if not treated, one can exacerbate the other in a vicious and harmful cycle. Alcohol consumption can make mood disorder symptoms worse, and alcohol misuse may result from depression. The good news is that both depression and alcohol abuse can improve with treatment. But the … Read more

Can You Take Antibiotics And Alcohol? 

Taking antibiotics and drinking alcohol can be a risky combination, especially for those who consume alcohol frequently. Alcohol can interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics, and both can cause adverse side effects.  Before you reach for a glass of wine while on antibiotics, it is important to understand the risks of combining antibiotics and alcohol.  … Read more

Dangers of Mixing Lorazepam and Alcohol

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health issue in the United States, affecting 40 million adult citizens. Benzodiazepines are a common type of anxiety drug used to ease anxiety, sleeplessness, and withdrawal-related discomfort. The drug must be taken exactly as directed by medical professionals. It is not advised to combine the prescription with any … Read more

The Dangers of Mixing Hydrocodone and Alcohol

In the United States, both alcohol and prescription medications are often misused. The risks of misusing each substance alone are significant, but the dangers skyrocket when the two are combined. Combining hydrocodone and alcohol is not safe.  It is a fact that using too many drugs or excessive alcohol consumption can be dangerous to one’s … Read more

How Alcohol and Drug Detox Works

If you are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, you will likely undergo a detox procedure. Detoxification is the first step you need to take to recover from addiction.  Detoxification is the process of letting your body naturally remove toxins. Thinking about medical detoxification can cause stress, but knowing what happens can prepare you for … Read more