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Our Detox Facility

We are one of the only facilities in the United States with a full-time award-winning psychiatrist. With the most up to date medication assisted detox protocols, ICFR raises the bar for quality care in a detoxification setting. ICFR is dedicated to working with compassion, coupled with a private chef guided by an in-house nutritionist and a full-time nursing staff; we strive to make your detox experience as comfortable as possible.
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  • Lobby
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  • Single Room
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  • Triple Room
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Our Residential & Partial Hospitalization Housing

At ICFR, you will be addressing trauma, mental health, and any other underlying causes and conditions which may be fueling your addictions. It won't be easy. It may be the most challenging thing you'll ever have to do. This is why we have made your homelife as welcoming, hospitable, and relaxed as possible. We have Behavioral Health Technicians and nurses available 24/7, newly renovated units, hardwood floors, upgraded appliances, and household electronics designated to make you feel right at home.

Sober Living

There is little disagreement within the addictionology community that the length of stay in treatment plays a significant and positive role in long term outcomes. Simply put: the longer you stay in a clinically driven, structured environment, the better your odds are of staying sober long term. This is why the Indiana Center for Recovery offers an affordable, comfortable, and safe sober living environment right in the heart of beautiful downtown Bloomington, Indiana. It is here that you will be able to adjust to your transition back into the community, utilize the tools you have been given, and begin your new life, clean and sober.
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Clinical & Administrative Buildings

Our clinical and administrative buildings are where our staff will work with you to develop a vision of your true self. We want to find what inspires, motivates, and fascinates you and what makes you feel whole. We have designed each room to be comfortable so that you can focus on what’s important — your recovery.
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  • Admin Lobby
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