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The Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Indianapolis

The Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Indianapolis

Substance use disorders (SUDs) are becoming increasingly pressing in Indianapolis and, more broadly, throughout Indiana. Between 2016 and 2017, Indiana had a 22.5 percent rise in fatal drug overdoses. 

Furthermore, Indiana ranked 16th out of 50 states in the United States regarding the percentage of residents who required substance abuse treatment but didn’t get it. Overdose fatalities involving cocaine, benzodiazepines, and psychostimulants have all surged in recent years, indicating an urgent need for high-quality, accessible rehabilitation centers for its residents.

Why Choose Indiana Center for Recovery?

Indiana Center for Recovery is the best full-service care facility in Indianapolis for drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehab. Indiana Center for Recovery was nominated for the highest honor in the state for Best Mental Health Facility in Indiana, with a board-certified psychiatrist and licensed mental health counselors on staff.

In addition to our award-winning medical and mental health specialists, Indiana Center for Recovery believes in supervised detox and 24/7 care for inpatient clients through continuous, on-site nursing. Our patients benefit from modern therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

If You Want to Help a Loved One

Most treatment comes at little to no out-of-pocket expenses—depending on your insurance. Our insurance team verifies your coverage, benefits, and requirements to ensure medical necessity and minimize costs.

Verify your insurance with Indiana Center for Recovery to receive treatment at our Mishawaka facility. Our insurance staff can contact the insurer on your behalf and expose all the details of your coverage possibilities.

Medical Detox in Indianapolis

Whether you are addicted to opioids, alcohol, or prescription drugs, a safe medical detoxification process is often the most successful way to begin addiction treatment. We use the most cutting-edge and successful medication-assisted detox protocols.

Our medical staff of caring and compassionate addiction specialists use their years of experience to develop treatment plans tailored to the individual’s unique needs. Indiana Center for Recovery is one of the few treatment facilities in the country with a full-time, award-winning psychiatrist. Our team offers the most comfortable and safe detox possible by utilizing evidence-based therapies and medications.

Indiana Center for Recovery provides comprehensive detox and residential treatment based on medical care and evidence-based treatment methods. Our detox center is cutting-edge and was designed with the patient in mind. At Indiana Center for Recovery, we aim to offer our patients the safest, most comfortable, and most effective care possible. We help our patients overcome the challenges to recovery and develop a life of success and long-term sobriety through effective treatment.

Withdrawal symptoms compel most individuals who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction to continue using and make quitting extremely difficult. These symptoms also cause intense cravings that people experience, which lead to relapse. Indiana Center for Recovery employs the most effective treatment to treat and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

All patients in our care get 24-hour medical supervision. We also have a staff of therapists and addiction specialists on hand to provide thorough treatment plans customized to each patient’s specific needs.

Indiana Center for Recovery recognizes several forms of substance use disorders and addictions. We have also treated various mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Residential Treatment in Indianapolis

After medical detox and the stability of the individual in recovery, residential treatment involves essential services supporting healing and wellness. While detoxification removes the substance from the patient’s body and helps in withdrawal, inpatient treatment begins to address the root causes of the addiction.

Bringing underlying causes, triggers, and other issues to the surface through identification and therapy prepares the patient to identify where the process of recovery begins. The Individuals suffering from addiction are safeguarded by round-the-clock monitoring and care while they heal, relax, and reflect on why addiction took hold of their lives.

Inpatient drug rehab stays lessen interruption from the outside world, provide a safe, drug-free environment, and allow the chance to acquire life skills to help the individual throughout their new, sober life. Stays at our Indiana residential treatment center can range from one week to 60 days.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient drug rehab includes partial hospitalization (PHP) and some of the same services as inpatient rehab. After detox and an inpatient stay, the addict might undergo partial hospitalization, drug treatment for mental disorders, monitoring, and continued help.

This behavioral, psychiatric, and professional care assists patients with dual diagnosis, mental health conditions, and a need for order in their new life. Since outpatient treatment from Indiana Center for Recovery does not require 24-hour monitoring, it is suitable for those with growing stability and independence.

Patients who have completed partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment can transition and adjust to living in their own homes or sober living communities. Furthermore, they continue their work and school responsibilities while regularly visiting the outpatient program for routine treatments.

Behavioral therapies and services that may be offered in a partial hospitalization program (PHP) include:

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Indiana Center for Recovery, is your best choice. Whether you want to beat Darvon, Xanax, benzos, alcohol, or other drugs you are addicted to. We can help you with everything with our special Surboxol treatment.

At Indiana Center for Recovery, we are committed to doing everything we can to help people succeed and hope in the process of healing from drug and substance addiction.