Drug, Alcohol Addiction Recovery and Rehab Center in Indiana

About Me:

I was born and grew up in South Bend, IN. After realizing that I was tired of living up where it snowed a lot, I moved to Orlando, Florida. This is where I met my now ex-husband and my use of alcohol became a problem. (Hint now ex-husband). I decided to return back to Indiana to raise my children in Mishawaka, IN. I decided after my therapist told me I needed to figure out, “Who am I?” without the use of drugs or alcohol. I  went back to school at Indiana University South Bend and received my Bachelors in General Studies with a concentration in Psychology.

I loved Psychology so much and while working at IUSB as an academic advisor for the General Studies program my supervisor told me I should continue on to get my Masters in Counseling Human Services and I did. That was back in 2007, I worked in Elkhart, IN running IOP groups until the recession hit and because of budget cuts was laid off in 2011.

I decided after I received my LCAC  not to get another job because my mother became ill with cancer and I took care of her until she passed away in 2012. After I sent my daughter off to college in Florida and my son and his wife moved to Indianapolis in order for him to complete his Masters degree at IUPUI. I realized my life needed to change and find meaning again, so I moved to Indianapolis to be closer to my two wonderful grandchildren. There I worked at two different agencies running IOP groups. Now it’s time for a change again getting back to my passion which is impatient treatment which brought me here to Bloomington!