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Signs & Symptoms

Tolerance Increase

Over any considerable period of time, the addicted person needs more alcohol and or drugs to feel the same effect.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Patients dependent on a substance will sometimes undergo physical pain and suffering due to becoming dependent on a substance. Body aches, fever, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, hallucinations, explosive anger, hallucinations, and even death are all common symptoms of withdrawal.

Over Usage of Substance

This occurs when the person uses a substance for a longer period of time than they planned. This can lead to overdose, damage to internal organs, and blackouts.

Loss of Control

People who are addicted and or dependent on a substance will lose control of their ability to consume drugs and or alcohol, leaving them to seek help or eventually suffer consequences that sometimes can be fatal.

Missing Work, Family Time, & Activities

People who are dependent on a substance eventually put the substance ahead of what is actually most meaningful to them, including family time, hobbies, work, and health.

Disregard for Consequences

People with a substance use disorder know not only that the substance they are using is harmful, but they also know the damage it can create in their personal life, professional life, and family life. When they become addicted to a substance, it's not that they “don't care”; it's that they have no choice. The alcohol and/or drugs are now controlling them.

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