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Personal Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Indiana Center for Recovery invites veterans struggling with substance use to seek personalized care for addiction and mental health. We give substance abuse treatment through custom drug and alcohol detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient health care. Our program for veterans frees national heroes from addiction after they return home.

Post-deployment, veterans suffer pain and the lasting effects of trauma. Witnessing and experiencing tragedy, they must endure intrusive thoughts, memories, and feelings. This may leave them feeling out of control. Veterans risk becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol without coping or counseling. Personal addiction treatment can return those who serve to their role as fathers, sisters, friends, and leaders.

Indiana’s Largest Provider for Substance Use

Indiana Center for Recovery tailors drug and alcohol treatment for veterans. On a state-of-the-art campus with certified staff, veterans access evidence-based therapies proven to reduce cravings. These methods cut mental and physical pain. They promote freedom from drugs and alcohol by treating addiction as a disease.

Despite co-occurring conditions, Indiana Center for Recovery’s veterans benefit from every service needed to ease addiction. That includes detox, residential, and outpatient treatment. Our individual treatment suits any medical condition, mental health history, or VA disability. That’s why we give our brave veterans better recovery results.


Use Your Coverage at Indiana Center for Recovery

Substance use disorders qualify for VA disability benefits because of their severity and impact on work. Depending on your diagnosis or other conditions, the Department of Veteran Affairs will decide disability benefits.

Once you contact us, Indiana Center for Recovery will verify your eligibility for the program, and with in moments, you can start treatment on our expert, compassionate campus.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Provider

After returning home, veterans remain vulnerable to addiction. They often struggle with traumatic experiences and changes to civilian life. Many turn to alcohol and drugs to medicate common conditions like Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Physical pain, hurtful memories, negative thoughts, anxiety, and distress influence substance use.

Indiana Center for Recovery returns control to veterans. We cut discomfort and reduce cravings by starting with medical detox, medication, and tapering. Veterans can then focus on their future. We also offer a continuum of care that aims at a lifetime of sober recovery. It includes residential rehab and outpatient services.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Provider

Military service means great stress to protect our country. Many return home with physical and mental health issues like pain and PTSD. These conditions can encourage substance abuse when left untreated. For veterans with PTSD, disabilities, or injuries, the best choice of rehab is custom, compassionate, and comprehensive.

Indiana Center for Recovery values clients as unique individuals with autonomy. We design personalized care plans to promote a sober lifestyle after detox through residential stays. Our process and protected grounds give you the chance to grow without interference.

Veteran-Friendly Treatment

United States service brings many risks to the lives and livelihood of our brave soldiers. We use a hybrid model to overcome underlying PTSD, emotional traumas, and injuries. We treat service members who struggle with a substance use disorder completely: mind and body.

Indiana Center for Recovery specializes in co-occurring disorders and other concerns for veterans. As research suggests, our whole-person treatment programs offer better outcomes for lasting recovery among VA clients.

PTSD and Addiction

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder often induces drug and alcohol abuse in the former military. Flashbacks, hopelessness, aggression, insomnia, and more lead our veterans toward the numbing effects of alcohol and drugs. Indiana Center for Recovery staffs doctors and nurses to address such co-occurring disorders.

Emotional Trauma and Substance Use

Combat exposure, psychological turmoil, and military sexual trauma can also result in substance abuse. To cope with anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, Indiana Center for Recovery teaches veterans new skills with licensed counselors. We guide clients toward new thinking. The new behaviors and resulting feelings are more effective for our leaders.

Brain Injuries and Dependency

Former service members often return with bodily and brain injuries—permanently affecting their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Such damages can influence medicating with drugs and alcohol. We use the support of medication, therapy, and an expert medical team to manage the influence of brain injuries on veterans.

Chronic Pain and SUDs

Many veterans endure persistent pain after they serve. These veterans are at risk of developing substance abuse patterns with prescription drugs, opioids, alcohol, and others. Indiana Center for Recovery aids such clients through appropriate medication through effective detox, therapy, and outpatient programs.

Choose Indiana Center for Recovery

When veterans choose our care, experienced counselors create treatment courses for their needs. Our treatment centers fit most veterans, and their treatment plans come from years of scientific research. 

Veteran detox and rehab will heal underlying illnesses that impact substance use and addictive behaviors. In doing so, veterans enjoy more treatment options, get better outcomes, feel greater comfort, and enjoy a better standard of living. Then, they use outpatient services to receive elite care to maintain their recovery.

If you or a family member in Indiana has served and struggles with substance use, contact Indiana Center for Recovery. Tell our compassionate counselors about the addiction-free future you imagine after recovery. Call (844) 650-0064.