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Jackie Daniels
Executive and Clinical Director
Jackie Daniels is a person in long-term recovery, clinical social worker and recovery advocate. Jackie has worked since 2000 to prevent, treat, and provide support to individuals living in addiction recovery. Previous employers include Meadows Hospital, Centerstone, and in August, 2017, Jackie left Indiana University to join the Indiana Center for Recovery as the Executive Director. A clinical social worker since 2005, she also is adjunct faculty for the Indiana University School of Social Work, teaching courses on substance use and addictions practice. Jackie is a recovery advocate, providing the “Faces and Voices of Recovery” Recovery Messaging training to individuals wishing to challenge the stigma of addiction through the use of personal messaging. In 2012, Jackie’s story was featured on Lifetime’s Teen Trouble with Josh Shipp. In 2016, Jackie was responsible for bringing the overdose antidote, naloxone, to Indiana University, now available free and anonymously to IU students. Jackie works tirelessly to promote rights, compassion, and understanding for those in recovery from addiction. Most recently, Jackie was part of a cover story for Bloomington’s hometown magazine, Bloom Magazine called “Voices of Recovery.” “There is no person walking the face of the earth who demonstrates more courage, dignity, honesty, and integrity, than a person in recovery.”
Carmen Levasseur
Carmen grew up in New York, graduating in 2007 from New York University with a Masters in Social Work. She worked as a therapist for 6 years at Greenwich House, an outpatient substance abuse and mental health clinic in NYC. She facilitated groups that included Art therapy, parenting, relapse prevention and LGBT support. After obtaining her clinical license in 2014, she moved to Bloomington IN. She has experience in trauma informed treatment, motivational interviewing and relational psychotherapy. Carmen, who is also in recovery believes in the healing connection between people. “Let us enjoy the art of living” Maya Angelou “They will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
Elizabeth Simon
Elizabeth Simon is currently the Clinical Manager and the Primary Therapist for the Indiana Center for Recovery. Elizabeth graduated from Indiana University on the Bloomington Campus in 2012 with Bachelors in Arts and Science degree in Psychology. She received her first Master’s from Indiana Wesleyan University in Clinical Addiction Counseling in 2017. She is currently working on her second Master’s in Arts with a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan Univ. and should have it completed in April of 2018. Elizabeth has worked in the field of Social work for over 4 years before joining Indiana Center for Recovery. She is dedicated to the field of substance abuse and enjoys working with the patient’s hands-on. She is currently a member of NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals. Her favorite saying is, “Life is Good.” “Let Go and Let God.”
Cheyann Peckinpaugh
Cheyann is a Purdue graduate, but don’t hold it against her. She loves Bloomington and has even attended a few IU games dressed in Cream and Crimson. She grew up in Lafayette as the daughter of a high school basketball coach. Indiana basketball runs in her blood. Cheyann went on to graduate from Kaplan University with a Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Addiction Counseling. She gained experience at Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center as a group facilitator before heading to Centerstone as a family support specialist. Cheyann is passionate about this important work after losing a close relative to a long battle with addiction. She has first-hand understanding of the impact early intervention can have on keeping families committed to recovery. She joined The Indiana Center for Recovery in September 2017 and is looking forward to bringing innovative creative ideas to the incredible team. She is passionate about cathartic group facilitation because “together we can bring our clients hope.” “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” -Robert Schuller
Stephanie H. Coleman
Originally from Ohio, Stephanie received her B.A. degree from Cedarville University in Psychology. Stephanie went on to receive her MA degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCS) in Forensic Psychology focusing on criminology, law, pathology, court reporting, expert witness testimony, corrections, and clinical therapeutic interventions. Through the TCS forensic initiative, partnering with DCFS, Stephanie worked with young mothers focusing on rehabilitating their parental relationships. Stephanie spent time working with the Chicago Police Department and F.B.I. Chicago branch learning hostage negotiations and trauma interventions. Stephanie also worked with The Anixter Center, providing clinical counseling and group therapy to the severely mental ill. While in Ohio, Stephanie worked at Maryhaven, Inc. as the Outreach Specialist providing holistic support and interventions for the homeless community struggling with substance use disorder and partnering with other local agencies to maintain safety and security for those in need. While in Indiana, Stephanie has worked at Hamilton Center, Inc. and Bloomington Meadows Hospital providing individual and group therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Stephanie’s therapeutic practice focuses mainly on psychoeducation through the neuropsychological functions of the brain and cognitive processing through CBT, REBT, MI, and ACT models of theory.
Stephanie Turpin
Stephanie provides EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) therapy to the clients at ICFR, which is a special type of treatment used to address underlying trauma. Stephanie is an Indiana native and grew up in neighboring Greene County. Stephanie attended Indiana University and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and Counselor Education and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Stephanie’s first post-graduate job was as Clinical Coordinator at Becky’s Place, a local homeless shelter for women and children. During her time there she saw a great need for trauma specific therapy, especially for those struggling with substance use issues. During her time at Becky’s Place, Stephanie was trained in EMDR and became a believer in its ability to process and heal historical trauma. Stephanie is grateful to be a part of the ICFR team and is committed to the mission of supporting long term recovery in the Bloomington community and beyond. “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Nelson Mandela
Rebecca Figg
Case Manager
Career Education Coordinator
Rebecca, a Bloomington native, joined the Indiana Center for Recovery in July of 2017 as Career Education Coordinator. Since joining the staff, Rebecca has used the organizational and analytical skills she developed after 15 years working in real estate and management to help clients identify the career opportunities that will help them through their recovery. She is focused on developing a variety of resources to help clients succeed as they transition into the workforce, including a Career Resource Library and interview preparation workshops. Driven by a deep belief that anyone struggling with addiction can recover if given the necessary support, Rebecca looks to help people see hope and opportunity in their lives.
Cassandra Sierra
Chief Clinical Officer

Cassandra was the Founder/Chief Clinical Officer of Wellington Counseling and Associates, and New Options of Royal Palm Beach, Inc. which opened its doors in August 2005. WCA rebranded to Elevations Health, LLC., in 2016. Elevations Health was located in Wellington, FL, Coral Springs, FL, and Austin, TX. Cassandra sold Elevations Health in February 2018. Effective October 2018, she became the Director of Mental Health Services of the Recovery Team Behavioral Health in Palm Beach County. RTBH provides primary mental health services to persons affected with mental health illness. Our goal is to re-integrate our patients back into society and provide them with coping mechanism to manage their disability. Cassandra also provides training classes and CEU’s for mental health and substance abuse professionals. She works with many agencies in Palm Beach County as a consultant and corporate trainer. In addition, as a Life and Business Coach/Consultant, she has assisted many entrepreneurs to established and manage new business ventures in substance abuse treatment industry in Florida and in several states around the country.

Cassandra Sierra was employed by the Palm Beach County Health Department for 19 years. She served as the Staff Development and Training Manager and provided training for over 1,100 employees. She trained clerks, paraprofessionals, nurses, doctors, managers and senior management. She facilitated various training programs, (e.g. Executive Leadership Customer Service, Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Cultural Competency). Her work included consulting, designing, coaching, coordinating, facilitating, monitoring and evaluating behavior modification and competency base training programs.

Cassandra is also a Certified Addiction Professional, International Certified Addiction Counselor, Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist and a Certified Domestic Violence Facilitator and Assessor and Business and Life Coach. Cassandra has a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Studies and a double Master’s degree in Human Resource Development and Administration from Barry University and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College in Tampa, FL. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She served on the Domestic Violence Council of Palm Beach County and served on the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board for two years. She is the co-founder of the Miracles Club, Inc., which opened its doors in 2001. The clubhouse serves the recovery community by providing 12 step recovery meetings and other community education programs to alcoholics, addicts and their family members.

She is married with two children, grandchildren and one great grandchild. Cassandra is committed to health and safety of the citizens of Florida and across the United States.


Lori McCord
Human Resources Coordinator
Office Manager
Lori McCord grew up in Bloomington, Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy in 2013. Passionate about her own recovery, as well as others, she accepted a position with Indiana Center for Recovery in May 2017 because she was acutely aware of the need for a strong and dedicated treatment facility in her hometown. She currently serves as Office Manager/HR Coordinator. One of her favorite quotes is from Poet Laureate, Charles Bukowski, “The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”
Mike Lazar
When Mike was 13 years old he found himself experimenting with marijuana and alcohol with friends. Soon after he began taking pills and eventually harder drugs to deal with life. Mike got sober for the first time when I was 18. He left Philadelphia, his hometown, and travelled to Los Angeles and was taken under the wing of a staff member at the sober living where he lived. Mike says, “I’ll never forget what that person did for me and ever since I have set out to do the same for someone else who was as scared and hopeless as I was. I love recovery and if it weren’t for the staff of a few facilities I don’t think I could have learned how to be a person in recovery.”


Saul Kane
Director of Business Development
Prior to his own personal recovery, Saul found himself battling his way through daily life. Unable to properly gain control of any one piece of his life, he found substances that would mask the pain for short intervals. Suffering from his own consequences of addiction, Saul Kane was faced with a choice – a choice to either go on to the bitter end or find recovery. With only the slightest bit of hope that he might be able to get a grip on his life again, Saul entered into a 12 step program of recovery while homeless. He spent the first year of his recovery cooperating with what others suggested to him. Saul set everything aside to focus on the 12 steps by going to meetings, obtaining a sponsor and ultimately finding a Solution through the steps and the sponsoring of other men. In so doing, he breached from his old attitudes, actions and behaviors and began to transform into a man of service to his fellow addicts. Saul has spent several years in the field of social betterment. Beginning in therapeutic foster homes, he spent 6 years as a foster parent to children who otherwise had been forgotten. In these facilities, Saul was able to obtain his M.A.P.P. (masters approach to positive parenting) for foster care in addition to certification in PCM (Personal Crisis Management.) Saul has spent several years developing and implementing new formats to rectify prior failing systems in existing sober living facilities around Palm Beach County. He is the cofounder of ACHIEVE Behavioral Healthcare, Northeast Addictions Treatment Center in Boston, New Found Life of Florida and now The Indiana Center for Recovery. He has become known for being “the one to call on” to transform traditional halfway houses, treatment centers and sober systems into dynamic sober communities with his proven methods. He has been twice featured on Larry King’s In View, as well as on the The National Geographic’s Channels show Drugged. He is known for his tireless work helping addicts from all backgrounds recover from the deadly disease of addiction. Additionally he has placed over 7000 men and women in treatment programs across the United States, and several hundred through way of intervention. Saul has received national certification from the NADAI in both Anger Management and in Drug and Alcohol Intervention, and has completed the Masters course in the nationally recognized Summit Education group under the tutelage of Betty Spruill who is recognized with such names as Deepak Chopra. Mr. Kane has not only proven himself successful in the sober community, but in his personal development as well. Currently, with over 12 years of continuous sobriety, he maintains a stellar reputation for working an active program of recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous. He is the single father of a 16 year old son, and he is actively working towards his Certified Addiction Specialist license. Through this journey of transformation for himself and those around him, Saul Kane has continued to move forward with his passion for helping others by co-founding his 4th treatment center in Bloomington Indiana, his hometown. His personal beliefs lie within the spiritual principles as set forth by Alcoholics Anonymous as well as organized religious groups and he carries these principles over into his business life as well to show other young men and women that they can achieve a life of fulfillment as he has. Bloomington however is where his heart and deepest roots lie and it is where he feels most “spiritually connected”. Here he will bring the same commitment, dedication and energy to one of the most dynamic programs in the United States.

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