Indiana Center for Recovery Launches new Alumni App

We here at Indiana Center for Recovery are thrilled to announce that we have a new tool for our alumni to help continue their recovery. With the Indiana Center for Recovery Alumni App, our alumni know that our community of like minded individuals are just a click away. We are committed to support our alumni … Read more

Indiana Jail Program Helps Inmates Recover

Unfortunately, no substance abuse treatment program with a 100% success rate exists. Each and every treatment facility tries its absolute best to turn drug addicts asking for help into sober people helping themselves. Plus, success in the treatment industry means long-term sobriety for patients, years and years after the program itself is over. Short of … Read more

How to Center Yourself Within 60 Seconds

Looking back on the past 24 hours, were you mainly calm or reactive? As you worked, were you focused or scattered? In the evening, did you feel nourished or depleted? I’ve noticed when I interact with others, I’m often scattered. Lost in my own thoughts, I’m anxious. I may not be aware of this anxiety … Read more

Why I Believe in Spiritual Growth

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” — Decouvertes In college, I lived in the same dormitory as a very bright, funny young woman.  She would pass out cookies to everyone on the floor.  Her smile and easy-going demeanor made her someone you could talk to.  She listened to me stress out … Read more

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